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No job too big nor too small at United Auto's repair shop. Our experienced mechanic rebuilds engines and transmissions at a fraction of dealer costs. Our low labor rates and dedication to customer service makes our shop the most popular in town. An unbeatable labor rate of $60/hr. No matter what your repair needs are, from complete over hauls, to windshield wiper replacement we are here to serve you. Call 561-1718 for a free estimate and ask for our certified mechanic Robert.

We offer a full detail service inside and out of any car, truck, SUV or RV. Detailing highly increases the chance of any vehicle being sold. The service includes vacuuming, shampooing, degreasing, dusting, glossing, window shining, engine wash down, tire fill ups, tire glossing, rim shining and a full wash of the vehicle. The cleanliness of your vehicle will be maintained by the lot tech. You can be assured that your vehicle at United will be in showcase condition. Full details run at $250.00

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